Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Topics for the EAC Distance Learning Task Force Research Teams

Research Process:

  • Research Internal and External Standards and Practices
  • Develop & analyze alternative strategies outlining advantages and disadvantages

Team 1) Student Support, Resources and Services
Facilitator: Carey Larson

  • Advising
  • Testing/Proctoring Services
  • HelpDesk
  • Disability Services
  • Student clubs & groups
  • Disclosure of on-campus/proctored requirements

Services currently running smoothly, with potential for growth:

  • Financial Aid, Tutoring, Retention, Library Support, Bookstore, Career Services
  • Communications to Students/Faculty about DL support

Team 2) Course Development, Revisions, Oversight
Facilitator: Susanne Christopher

  • Quality Matters
  • Retention
  • Intellectual Property
  • Academic Freedom & Academic Integrity
  • Testing
  • Course Sharing

Team 3) Instructor Support & Workload
Facilitator: Art Schneider

  • Technical Support, Skill Development
  • Class Size
  • Q Classes
  • Telecommuting/on-campus class requirement

Team 4) Infrastructure, Integration, Coordination
Facilitator: Greg Kaminski

  • Scheduling of online courses
  • Selection of online course development
  • Course sharing
  • Interaction of DL support personnel and online instructors

Team 5) Mission Realization
Facilitator: Kendra Cawley

  • Planning for the future: how to enhance the current structure to move forward and capture new opportunities to realize the mission
  • Access: degrees and certificates
  • How does DL impact our definition of community?
  • Impact of DL upon student and faculty culture