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Resources that you may find useful in your goal to develop and revise degrees, certificates and curriculum at PCC:

Frequently Asked Questions about Courseleaf

To view the FAQ page about the new online curriculum development system and online catalog, please click here.

Courseleaf, the curriculum management tool:

Log into MyPCC, select the “Faculty” tab. Under “Tools", select “Course Management” to revise or propose new courses, or Degrees/Certificates Management to revise or propose new degrees or certificates.

How-To Video: Propose a New Course in Courseleaf


How-To Video: Revise an Existing Course in Courseleaf

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Opportunities and Resources


Degree and Certificate Outcomes

The following resources will be helpful.

CCOG - Course Content and Outcomes Guide

Course Outcomes

If you are working on course outcomes the following resource will be helpful.

Related Instruction

Timelines for Approval

Curriculum Handbook

A publication of the Curriculum Office, the Curriculum Handbook (pdf) (doc) has information on the policies and procedures followed by the Curriculum Office.

SAC Chair list

View the SAC Chairs List

Focus Award

A focus award is recognition of a student’s achievement in a particular lower division collegiate interest area.

Adult High School Diploma

For a comprehensive list of PCC classes applicable for earning a high school diploma, see PCC AHSD Course Offerings. For details visit the Adult High School Diploma website. Amendments to math unit to credit conversions.

Employment Skills Training Certificate

A SAC may select and package courses into an certificate program to prepare students for a specific job entry point.

Archive of Curriculum Changes and Updates

Available are documents with key changes, A complete list of all changes can be viewed at the Curriculum and the Degrees and Certificates Committees webpages. View the agendas and the minutes for a complete list of changes.

Lower Division Collegiate (LDC)

Curriculum change notification archive

Course Repeat Limit

Inventory of courses which have a repeat limit higher than 0. If a course is not on this list then the repeat is 0.

Useful Links

  • State Course Numbering Guide: This provides guidance in assigning new course numbers as well as providing a master list of institutions which currently offer particular Lower Division Collegiate Courses.
  • Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development Department: This is the primary agency with the State which is charged with oversight of community colleges and workforce training agencies. Also has links to partnerships, eligible training providers, administrative rules, and other resources.
  • Eligible Training Provider: This resource identifies stand-alone training, certificates and degrees which have been approved for Workforce Investment Act training funds. This means that individuals who have federal, state, or employer based workforce training funds available to them may use their funds for this programs. Look at both lists ETP-programs (pre 9/2007), and ETP-recently approved programs (post 9/2007) to see the complete list.
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities: This is the board which has granted accreditation to PCC. PCC has been accredited with NWCCU since 1970. For specific information regarding our last accreditation review, visit the Office of Academic and Student Affairs homepage.

Contact the Curriculum Office if you have questions about the curriculum, degree and certificate development and approval process. We can help, or we will guide you to those who can help. Curriculum Office: 971-722-7816 or