Revising a Degree or Certificate - Process Overview

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“Nothing endures but change.”                 ~Heraclitus (540 BC-480 BC)

Existing AAS degrees and certificates undergo review and revisions under the oversight of the discipline/programs SAC. There are many reasons for revising a degree or certificate, they can be curricular changes or program changes. The process follows these general steps:

  1. Login into Courseleaf thru the faculty tab on the right side menu in MyPCC. Click on the degree and certificate management link and do a search for the degree and certificate to be revised.
  2. Complete the request, which will include all changes that will need to be made.
  3. Make revisions and submit to workflow for review and recommendation by the following:
    • Degree & Certificate Committee
    • Dean of Instruction
    • Campus President

Curricular changes which require a revision to the degree or certificate include:

  • change of course credit
  • addition, removal, or exchanging required courses
  • A degree or certificate outcome change
  • Change in the total number of electives
  • Change in total credits 
  • Program title change
  • Program prerequisite change
  • Change in status: open vs. limited enrollment
  • Related instruction the initial submission and changes