Step 2 - Complete Forms

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Once you have completed the design and development of the new degree or certificate, it is time make a request for new degree and certificate in degree and certificate management in Courseleaf.

Please review these helpful hints prior to starting the request. They will help guide the process submission process.

  1. Log into Courseleaf thru your faculty tab on the right hand side menu in MyPCC and select "Degree and Certificate management".
  2. Every submission is reviewed prior to being added to the agenda. Please submit the request early so that the specialist has time to review the request and consult with you if there are questions.
  3. When you begin the "Propose Degree /Certificate Coursework" section, it is recommended that you use the help resource that are available to you:
    1. The help button on the homepage of Courseleaf (top right corner).
    2. Help buttons at each heading.
    3. Contact a Curriculum Specialist at Curriculum Office
  4. Each degree outline can be aligned to multiple core outcomes by using holding the Ctrl button (or Command on Macs) and clicking the selected outcomes.
  5. Keep in mind submission deadlines - review the timeline for approval for deadline information.
  6. The curriculum specialist is available to assist you during this process, please contact him at or 971-722-7816. 

Please note:

Once you've completed the request, save and submit to workflow. The request will go to the SAC chair, the SAC Admin liaison and the Curriulum Office for review. The curriculum specialist will contact you if there are questions.

Plan to attend the next available Degree and Certificate Committee meeting.