Step 4 - Committee Review

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The Degree and Certificate Committee, representing CTE and LDC faculty, reviews each degree and/or certificate submission. The committee reviews for clarity, consistency and to ensure that it meets various PCC standards and is aligned with the college’s mission. The Committee Chair is available for consultation if there are questions about the process.

Once the new or revised degree or certificate goes before the committee, several things may happen The degree or certificate may be:

  • Recommended for approval
  • Recommended as amended for approval
  • Postponed for further review

Recommended for Approval & Amended and Recommended for Approval

Recommended for approval and recommend as amended move forward in the review process. The Degree and Certificate Committee chair will recomment and forward the item to the Dean of Instruction, Campus President, and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and the District President for review and recommendation (allow 3-4 months). New degrees and certificates move forward through an extended review process.  Revised degree and certificates follow an abbreviated review process (allow 1-2 months).  If the reviewers have questions about the degree or certificate, the review process may take substantially more time. 

Postponed for Further Review

Degrees or Certificates which are postponed typically must go back to the department or SAC for a revision or clarification.  Postponed submissions must be submitted again in order to be placed on the next agenda.

Committee Review Flowchart

Review this flowchart to view detailed sequencing of the review and recommend process: Flowchart of degree and certificate approval process.