New Degrees & Certificates - Process Overview

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New AAS degrees and certificates development occurs under the oversight of the discipline/program SAC.  New degrees and certificates must have internal and state approval before being offered. The SAC chair or faculty who will shepherd the new degree or certificate through the review and approval process should contact the Curriculum Office early in development, as they can guide you through the process and help you avoid potential obstacles.

Designing and developing a new AAS degree or certificate is a multi-step process which includes the following:

  1. Research labor market need and occupational demand and meet with an industry advisory group
  2. Design and development of degree/certificate.
  3. Log into Courseleaf thru the Faculty tab in MyPCC on the right side menu. Click on Degree and Certificate management.
  4. Complete the request.
  5. Review and recommendation by the Degree and Certificate Committee and college president.
  6. Review and approval by the state.

How long will it take until the degree/certificate is available?

You should anticipate that the entire process will take a minimum of 8-12 months, from the date the DAC Committee reviews the new program to the point when the new degree and/or certificate is available to advertise and schedule. This timeline is assuming that the review process goes smoothly. For a detailed treatment of the estimated timeline, visit our Timeline for Approval page.