Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Degrees and Certificates
April 5, 2006
Sylvania Campus, 2-4 pm
Conference Room A

2p        March Minutes         

2:30p   Administrative Assistant, Administrative Assistant- Office Management -Ron Bekey 

Require MTH 65, removal of that course puts them below the 90 credit minimum for an AAS

2:45p Accounting        - Bill Bruno

Management -              “

Marketing        -           “

MTH 30 and BA 95 are counted as part of their degree credits. With their removal, they fall below the 90 credit minimum.

3:15 - CAS/COS New Certificates – Art Schneider

Moved to May Agenda - 3:15p Ophthalmic Medical Technology -Joanne Harris

BI 55 counted as part of the degree credits. With its removal, the degree falls below the 90 credit minimum

3:30p Auto Collision Repair Technology - Jim Jeffrey

Switch from 18 credits of general education to 16 credits puts it below the 90 credit minimum for an AAS

4p   Building Inspection Certificate – title changes – Denise Roy

Discussion item: 

Last credits residency requirements for AAOT, AS, and AGS degrees.

One-day retreat – June 20th ???