Course Revision - Process Overview

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“Nothing endures but change.”                 ~Heraclitus (540 BC-480 BC)

Existing credit courses undergo curriculum revision under the oversight of the program's SAC. In general, the process follows these steps:

  1. Log into the course management tool thru your MyPCC Faculty Tab and search for the course to be revised.
  2. Once the revision is done, save and submit the course into the workflow
  3. Once the SAC Chair, The SAC Admin Liaison and the Curriculum Office reviews the revised course, it will be placed on the next available curriculum committee agaenda.
  4. Following review and recommendation by the Curriculum Committee, the request will go to the Dean of In struction and VP of Academic and Student Affairs.

The curricular revision process can vary depending on the desired change.  Some revisions require committee review, others do not. All revisions regardless of the review process must be completed in the course management tools. For details about the submission and review process, review the guidelines below.

Curricular Revisions Requiring Committee Approval:

  • course title change
  • course number
  • contact and credit hour change
  • description
  • requisites
  • student learning outcomes
  • general education or cultural literacy designation
  • cultural literacy designation
  • related instruction for CTE embedded courses
  • distance learning modality

Changes that Require a Revision to the Degree or Certificate:

  • change in credit hours
  • course title change
  • course number change

Revisions That Do Not Require Committee Approval but Committee Notification:
SAC may make changes in the course management tool.

  • inactivation
  • grade option

Revisions Do Not Require Committee Approval or Notification:

  • assessment strategies
  • description addendum
  • course activities and design