Step 4 - Committee Review

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Requests then go to the curriculum office for final review prior to being placed on the next available agenda for a Curriculum Committee meeting (see committee meeting schedule). If there are questions about the submission, the faculty will be contacted. The submitting faculty will receive an email from the Curriculum Office confirming inclusion on the agenda.

The Curriculum Committee, represented by CTE and LDC faculty, reviews each course submission. They look for consistency in language for the course descriptions, requisites, contact/credit hour and student learning outcomes and the plan to assess those outcomes. They are available for consultation should one have questions about the process.

A faculty member representing the course needs to attend the meeting to address any questions raised by the Committee. After the meeting, the Curriculum Office will post the minutes of the meeting online. The minutes will include committee recommended changes to the original submission.

When courses go before the committee, several things may happen. Courses may be:

  • Recommended
  • Recommended as Amended
  • Postponed
  • Withdrawn by SAC Request

Recommended and Recommended as Amended Courses

Recommended and recommended as amended courses move forward in the review process. The Curriculum Committee chair recommends the course and it will move forward in the review process to the Dean of Instruction, Campus President, and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. This process takes approximately one month from the date of the Curriculum Committee meeting. If any of the reviewers have questions about the course, the review process may take more time.

Postponed Courses

Postponed courses will be rolled back through the the course management tool to the submitting faculty member for a revision or clarification. Faculty members should check the comments field for reasons on the postponement. The course will need to go thru the workflow process again (SAC Chair, SAC Admin Liaison, etc).  There is no guarantee that the postponed course will be added to the old business section of the next curriculum agenda  

Withdrawn Courses

Withdrawn by SAC request, courses are removed from the review process.