Developing a New Course - Process Overview

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A designated faculty member, usually the SAC Chair, is responsible for guiding the new course through the PCC approval process. The review and approval process for new courses is approximately four months if no delays are encountered - see the implementation timeline. The process follows these steps:

  1. The CCOG is developed at the program level.
  2. SAC chair or faculty logs into Courseleaf from their MyPCC faculty page on the right hand navigation bar.   
  3. Faculty author completes the new course request form in and submits it to the SAC chair in Courseleaf's workflow.
    • If you need to step away during course development, you can always save the document to work on it later or if you need to share it with others.
  4. SAC chair reviews the request and can either recommend or roll the course back to the faculty author.
  5. The course request is placed on the agenda of the next Curriculum Committee meeting. A faculty member representing the course attends the meeting to address questions.
  6. After the committee makes a recommendation, the request is placed in workflow for approval by Dean of Instruction, Campus President, and the VP of Academic and Student Affairs.
  7. LDC courses are sent to the state for approval. CTE courses skip this step and move directly to step #8.
  8. Once approved by the state, the Curriculum Office enters the course into Banner, publishes the CCOG, and facilitates the course appearance in the next catalog. The SAC activates the course and designates location in online schedule.

Course Review Process Flowchart