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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding CourseLeaf


Q: What is Courseleaf?
A: Courseleaf is a curriculum management software that PCC has purchased to help manage the process of curriculum approval and publishing of the catalog.   In a nutshell, the software will move the current paper-based process for requesting approval for new and revised courses, degrees, and certificates on line, and connects that process to the catalog publication.   It will also allow us to publish web-based searchable catalog as well as a hard-copy catalog.

You can find more details about Courseleaf at the Leepfrog website, the software company that produces it. 

Q: When will Courseleaf be implemented?
A: The catalog side of Courseleaf is being implemented in summer 2013, and the 2013-2014 PCC catalog will be published using Courseleaf.  The curriculum management side of Courseleaf will be implemented over the course of the Fall 2013 term.

Q: Will Courseleaf change approval process and oversight structure for curriculum?
A: No.  All of the current structure and signature processes will remain the same; the software simply allows us to take our current paper-driven review and approval process and move it into an online environment. The online process should be more user-friendly and transparent in many ways than our current paper process, but it will be fundamentally the same process in terms of responsibilities for review and approval.

Q: Will Courseleaf make the curriculum process more complicated or more labor-intensive?
A: No. In fact, we believe that the software should make the process more transparent and easier to use!  The software has many features that will reduce the amount of time and labor involved for faculty in submitting proposals to the committees; for committee members in reviewing those proposals at the committee level; and for administrators in approving those proposals.

Q: Will having the catalog online mean that a printed catalog is no longer provided?
A: No. The college will still centrally print copies of the catalog in 2013-2014.  In addition, the online catalog will give any user (student, faculty, staff, or visitor) the option to print their own catalog (or individual sections of the catalog) as a fully-formatted PDF.

Q: If the catalog is published online, will that change the timeline of the curriculum process?  Will SACs be able to submit new courses/degrees/certificates and have them published in the online catalog as soon as they are approved?
A:  No.  The curriculum process timelines will remain very similar in 2013-2014 as they were in 2012-2013.   The catalog, for a variety of reasons relating to academic oversight, accreditation, and federal and state regulations, is the official record of PCC’s academic offerings during a given academic year and as such, there will continue to be a “publication date” each year, after which the catalog may not be substantively changed until the following year.

In the future, it is likely Courseleaf, by reducing the time and effort involved in the curriculum process at each step, may allow for shortening the time between the curriculum process deadlines, and the catalog publication date.  However, because the software will be new for everyone in 2013-2014, and because there are still external deadlines (state approval, for example) that drive the catalog and curriculum processes, we have decided to assess the new system in 2013-2014 before making any adjustments to the timeline.

Q: How will faculty and staff who will need to use Courseleaf learn about the new system?
A: The curriculum staff has been working during 2012-2013 with the committees, and will work with the other signature approvers (deans, campus and college leadership, etc.) in the process over summer 2013 to train them in the system and structure the signature process.

We will be rolling out a comprehensive training program for all beginning with fall 2013 in-service.  Training will include in-person workshops, video training posted on our website, and how-to guides.  We will also be holding training on an ongoing basis once the software is implemented, both for new faculty and SAC chairs, and for ongoing needs as the software is upgraded and adds new features in the future. 

Training schedules and information will be posted on this website as available; feel free to contact the curriculum staff if you have additional questions.

Q: Are there any other tutorials to help faculty use Courseleaf?
A: You can access a step-by-step walkthrough for new or revised courses by visiting The Curriculum Office's Course Development page. The office has also created video tutorials for creating a new course or revising an existing course.

If you are proposing a new or revised degree or certificate, you can access the step-by-step walkthrough by visiting the Degree & Certificate Development page. Video tutorials for this process will be coming soon.

Graphical Presentation of Courseleaf Workflow

Graphic for Courseleaf