MLT - Medical Laboratory Technology Outcomes

AAS: Medical Laboratory Technology

  • Appreciate and apply strict adherence to the highest level of medical ethics.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts applicable to clinical laboratory procedures and an awareness of the clinical applications of laboratory medicine.
  • Apply academic knowledge and laboratory experiences in making appropriate professional decisions.
  • Function effectively as a contributing member of the laboratory team and the broader healthcare delivery system.
  • Provide consistently high quality patient care.
  • Be self-directed and responsible for his/her professional actions.
  • Perform routine laboratory tasks in a professional, accurate and timely manner.  Tasks may include, but are not limited to:  appropriate collection, identification and processing of specimens; preparation of chemicals and reagents; use of appropriate laboratory techniques, methodologies,  instruments and equipment; and accurate calculation, recording and tabulation of data.
  • Perform all procedures within professional standards of quality assurance.
  • Recognize and identify technical, mechanical and physiological problems within the laboratory and effect resolution of problems according to the protocols of the institution.
  • Correlate results of laboratory procedures as being consistent or inconsistent with usual patterns which provide data used in diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention of disease.
  • Participate in continuing education for technical and professional development.
  • Recognize the legal responsibilities inherent in the practice of clinical laboratory sciences.