DH - Dental Hygiene Outcomes

AAS: Dental Hygiene

To offer students a quality dental hygiene education encompassing the broadest possible scope of patient care, education and service to the community in  a learner-focused environment.  All aspects of the dental hygiene program are continually assess to provide on going excellence and continuing improvement.  In keeping with the Portland Community College missions, the program provides an atmosphere that encourages each individual’s potential.

  • Communicate with patients, peers, the public and other healthcare professionals using verbal, non-verbal and written language with clarity, coherence and purpose.
  • Apply scientific research methods to support evidence based treatment modalities with specific concern for oral health and overall health.
  • Competently assess, diagnose, plan, implement, evaluate and document dental hygiene needs of an individual and/or community, and deliver appropriate oral disease prevention therapies in an ever changing healthcare environment.
  • Enhance knowledge and practice self-assessment as a life-long learner by seeking peer support in professional associations, fulfilling continuing education and exploring career and professional growth.
  • Practice the ethics and responsibilities of the profession by maintaining current knowledge of all dental hygiene procedures, as defined within the scope of the state practice act.
  • Promote, refer, collaborate and exhibit professional behaviors expected of a member of the oral healthcare team.
  • Recognize different oral health beliefs and effectively communicate with,advocate for, educate and treat diverse populations. 1.2014