2012-2013 Assessment Reporting and Resources

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This page should lead you to all of the assessment information that you will need as a SAC to complete the assessment of program/discipline outcomes for the current year. Assessment is an ongoing activity with an annual report due each year in June. Remember if you have questions or concerns please contact your assessment coach.

2012-2013 Assessment Reporting Due June 21th, 2013



Career Technical Education (CTE) Disciplines:

The focus of CTE assessment is on the Outcomes for the AAS Degree(s) and Certificates (or for subject areas with no AAS degree, the dominant certificate). Core Outcomes have been aligned with the Degre and Certificate outcomes, so it is not necessary to assess the Core Outcomes explicitly.

Programs in which there is only one AAS degree may choose to assess half of the outcomes each year, at a minimum. Programs with more than one award (multiple AAS degrees and or Certificates) should plan a regular rotation for the assessment of these sets of outcomes. If the SAC assessed and reported on all AAS outcomes last year, an annual report is still required, as assessment is an ongoing activity. The SAC may choose to revisit the same outcomes, or may focus on the outcomes for a different AAS degree or for one or more certificates in the program.

Lower Division Collegiate (LDC, or Transfer) and Developmental Education (DE) Disciplines:

The focus of LDC and DE Assessment remains on the PCC Core Outcomes, because these are the outcomes for the general and transfer degrees. This year, all LDC and DE Disciplines are asked to focus on two of the six Core Outcomes, either those that have not been assessed before, or those which the SAC wishes to improve upon. Remember that each SAC is expected to robustly assess at least four of the six Core Outcomes in regular rotation, two per year.

Assessment Guide

Annual Report Template 2012-13
Rubric for Evaluation 2012-13
Student Permission


Winners for 2011-2012 Assessment Outcomes





For Changes Implemented Based on Prior Assessment
Aviation Science

(tie) History and Psychology

For Assessment Design
Landscape Technology English for Speakers of Other Languages
For Presentation of Assessment Results
Graphic Design Communication Studies
For Improvements for Outcomes Attainment Based on Assessment Results
Medical Assisting World Languages
For Planned Improvements to Assessment Methods and Tools
Fitness Technology (tie) Developmental Education and Sociology

Winners for 2010-2011 Assessment Outcomes





Improvements to teaching/learning from prior assessment Architecture Physics
Design Civil and Mechanical Technology Career and Guidance / Religion
Results Medical Lab Technology Biology / Chemistry
Path Forward Auto Collision Repair Technology Skill Center