Equipment List

Proper protective equipment and clothing are required to work in the welding shop. Please consult with an instructor to determine what is needed for the course(s) you are enrolled in.

Minimum Required Tool List
1 lift front type Welding Helmet Leather gloves
Safety Glasses Vice Grips
Cotton work clothes (long sleeve shirt) Tape measure
Work Boots 1 slag hammer
1 Combination square 1 wire brush
Complete Required Tool List For All Degree Students
Qty Item Description Qty Item Description
1 Lift Front Type Welding Helmet 1 Hammer, 2 lb. Blacksmith
1 #11 Filter Lens 1 Striker
10 Clear Plastic Cover Lenses 1 Toolbox or 5 Gallon Bucket with Organizer
1 Leather Welder's Jacket or Sleeves 1 12” Adjustable Wrench (Crescent Wrench)
1 Shop Cap (Hair Cover) 1 4” C-Clamp
1 Pair of Safety Glasses (with Side Shields) 1 Flashlight
1 Pair Leather Gloves (Gauntlet Type) 1 Hex Key Set
- Enough Ear Plugs for the Full Term 1 Soapstone Holder w/ Soap Stone
1 Pair of Leather Boots (Above the Ankle) 1 Combination Square
1 Pair of Carhardt Bibs or Overalls 1 24 Inch Framing Square
1 Three Ring Binder 1 Calculator
1 16 ft. Tape or Larger 4 11R Vise Grip Clamps
1 Vise-Grips or Pliers 1 4.5” Grinder
1 Leather Apron or Chaps 6 4.5” Grinding Disks
1 Leather Neck Protector 3 Wire Wheels
1 Set of Tip Cleaners 1 Cold Chisel
1 Pair of Cutting Goggles with #4 Filter Lens 1 Small Ball Peen Hammer
Additional Tools For Each Process
Qty Stick Welding (SMAW) Qty Wire Welding (GMAW/FCAW) Qty TIG Welding (GTAW)
1 slag hammer 1 Wire Brush 1 Pair Tig Gloves (Gauntlet Type)
1 wire brush 1 Slag Hammer 1 Wire Cutters
1 Welper Mig Pliers or Side Cutters 1 Stainless Steel Tooth Brush

Student is responsible for purchase of their own equipment. Check the yellow pages for local welding suppliers.
NOTE *** Cost of welding equipment will very depending on where it is purchased. ***