Equipment List

Proper protective clothing, equipment and tools are required to work in the welding shop. You must have your equipment by the first day of class. Items included on this list will not be checked out from the Tool Room!

Complete required tool list for Welding tudents
Qty Item Description Qty Item Description
1 Auto darkening variable lens welding helmet 3 Leather gloves per term
10 Clear cover lenses per term 2 Vice Grips pliers
2 Safety Glasses per term 1 25 foot tape measure
1 Pair of coveralls per term 1 Slag hammer
1 Pair of steel-toed work boots 1 Wire brush
1 Combination square 5 Disposable respirators per term
1 Leather welder's jacket 2 Corner magnets
1 Welder’s shop cap per term 1 Soapstone holder with soap stone
10 Pairs of ear plugs per term 1 24 inch framing square
2 Vise-grips pliers 1 Calculator
1 Three ring binder 2 11R Vise Grip Clamps
1 Leather apron 4 4.5” Grinders
1 Leather neck protector 4 4.5” Grinding disks per term
1 Set of tip cleaners 4 4.5” Wire wheels per term
1 Cutting shield with #5 filter lens 1 4.5” Sanding disks per term
1 Hammer, 3 lb. Blacksmith 1 Cold chisel and center punch set
1 Triple flint striker 4 Small ball peen hammer (16 ounce)
1 28” Heavy Duty Tool box (Stanley Bostich)   Wire Welding (GMAW/FCAW)
1 12” Adjustable wrench (crescent wrench) 1 Welper Mig pliers
1 6” Speed square   TIG Welding (GTAW/Heliarc)
1 12” Speed square 1 Pair tig gloves (gauntlet type)
2 8” F-clamps 1 Side Cutters
1 Flashlight 1 Stainless steel tooth brush
1 Hex key set   Pipe Welding
    1 Pipe Liner file

Student is responsible for purchase of their own equipment. Check online for local welding suppliers. Be sure to let them know that you’re a student at PCC and they should give you a 10% discount or better.
NOTE *** Cost of welding equipment will very depending on where it is purchased. ***