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u.select logoWelcome to the online transfer tool that provides information about academic programs and course equivalencies at participating colleges and universities.


Anyone can create a free u.select account to:

  • View course equivalencies
  • See program requirements
  • Enter and store coursework
  • Request an evaluation of transfer work against a program

Create Your Free Account

Go to your MyPCC tab.  Click on the link for u.select under "Moving On".  From there go to "Member Login" and click on "Create an Account". From there, you will complete the form necessary to assign you an account including a user ID and password. Please remember your user ID and password. PCC staff will not have access to your u.select login information.

Create a Planning Guide
Before creating a planning guide, you will need a list of all the courses you have taken at your college(s). An official or unofficial transcript from your school is the best source for this information. Your courses from PCC can be imported into u.select automatically, therefore you do not need to obtain a transcript.

  1. After logging in to u.select, on the Home page click on the "My Courses" link.
  2. Click on "Add a Course".
  3. Select the country, state, and institution(s) you have attended. This list is more extensive than the Course Equivalency Guide list; however, be aware that some schools are more complete than others and some courses may appear as "Unknown."
  4. PCC allows you to import your courses from your online PCC student record. In order to do so, you will need to click "Import Course List", select "Oregon" and "Portland Community College". Click on "Import" and enter your MyPCC user name and password to import your PCC courses.
  5. If you want to add courses from other institutions, you may need to type the courses in manually, while others will allow you to select from the course catalog or import classes..
  6. Once all courses have been entered, click on "Home" and select "Create a Plan".
  7. Choose the "State" and "School" you are interested in attending.
  8. Choose the program, degree type, and then the major that interests you.
  9. You can request to run a regular Plan or Plan with Equivalencies. A regular plan applies all the courses to the degree requirements you selected. A plan with equivalencies also displays courses that can be taken at a specific institution to complete degree requirements. If you choose this option, you will be prompted to select the institution from which you will be transferring credit as well as the term and year you intend to transfer.
  10. Select the number of credits you plan to transfer and click "Next."
  11. Click "Submit." The process can take several minutes. Click on the Refresh button to get the status of your requested plan. It will say "Pending" until it is available. You may need to click the "Refresh" button a few times until it says "Complete." When it does, click this to view your plan.

The planning guide is color coded, using red to display requirements that have not been completed and green for equivalent courses at the selected institution that will apply towards the requirements. You can create as many planning guides as you like, as often as you like, choosing different degrees or majors.

Remember that this is an unofficial evaluation of your credits and is only a guide. We strongly recommend that you speak with an advisor from the institution you plan to transfer to and have them review your academic record.

Note: Due to licensing limitations you will not find Portland Community College in the drop down menus for View School's Catalog, Equivalencies by School, and Equivalencies by Course. You can search PCC courses through the Search Courses link.

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Ask the Panther if you have questions about u.select or need additional assistance. Ask the Panther has frequently asked questions about u.select and PCC resources, or you can submit a specific question for staff to respond to.