Pacific University

Education and Learning 2011-2012

Bachelor of Arts

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General Education

Required Courses

PCC courses that apply towards Pacific's Core and AAOT requirements Credits


WR 121 & 122 English Composition


SP 111 Public Speaking


MTH 211 Foundations of Elementary Math I


HE 242, 250, 254, HPE 295, or 3 PE Courses


PHL 201 Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophical Problems

Choose 2 additional courses from ART, ENG, HUM, MUS, PHL, R, SP, TA, WR, WS

It is highly recommended that students choose 1 course from ENG (except 195, 196, 197 – film studies) and 1 additional course from ART 101, 102, 103, MUS 105, 108, 110, TA 101




6-8 additional credits


PSY 201(A) & 202(A) General Psychology: Part I & Part II

SOC 206 General Sociology: Social Problems

Choose 1 additional course from ATH, EC, GEO, HST, PS, PSY, SOC, WS

It is highly recommended that students choose HST 101 or HST 201





4 additional credits


MTH 212 Foundations of Elementary Math II

MTH 213 Foundations of Elementary Math III (this class is not specifically required but Pacific University strongly urges students to take this course at PCC before transferring to avoid an overload at Pacific.)

Choose 3 additional lab science courses from BI, CH, ESR, G, GS, PHY

It is highly recommended that students choose courses from GS 106, 107, 108, 109, BI 101, CH 100, PHY 101






12 additional credits


ED 224 Foundations of Education

ED 290 Sheltered Instruction for ELL


Highly Recommended-

HST 201 U.S. History (if you do not have a solid U.S. History foundation from high school)

or HST 101 Western Civilization –whichever one was not taken above

1 course from ART 101, 102, 103, MUS 105, 108, 110, TA 101






Pacific University’s Bachelor of Arts Requirement:

Completion of a Foreign Language at the 103 or 151 level or greater. Choose from ASL, CHN, FR, GER, JPN, RUS, SPA (Spanish is highly recommended)


This is a licensure program. In addition to the departmental requirements listed above, students must also complete coursework for university admission, general education requirements, and BA/BS requirements. Meet with a PCC Academic Advisor to develop an effective transfer plan that will meet your individual needs.

The Education and Learning Major is recommended for students interested in pursuing a license for teaching in early childhood or elementary classrooms as part of their undergraduate education at Pacific University. To obtain the Initial Oregon Teaching License as an undergraduate a student must apply for admission to the College of Education. The application for admission to the College of Education should be submitted at the end of the freshman year or at the beginning of the sophomore year. The application process may be accomplished as a part of the EDUC 260 class. Licensure requires an additional 32 credits of professional coursework beyond the requirements of the major. Students interested in licensure should complete the recommended subject area coursework in writing, literature, science, mathematics, social science, and the arts as part of the core requirements or electives.

For those who do not want to obtain a teaching license as a part of their undergraduate education, a minor in a complementary subject area is recommended.

Mike Charles, Undergraduate Program Coordinator:, 503-352-1441

Students should take the CBEST exam after completing their WR 121 & 122 and MTH 211 & 212

Students should take the ORELA – MSE (Multiple Subject Exam) in February or April prior to transferring to Pacific.

The application for admission to the College of Education at Pacific University should be submitted at the end of the freshman year or at the beginning of the sophomore year.

Basic Admissions Requirements:

  • Completed Application
  • TSPC character questions (including written explanation for yes answers and supporting court documentation if appropriate)
  • Official transcripts from each college/university attended
  • Resume detailing experience with children or youth
  • Letters of evaluation/recommendation
  • Passing scores CBEST or WEST-B and on the ORELA - MSE
  • Essay (see application for details on essay)
  • Application fee

Application deadline: June 15th

PCC endeavors to create accurate transfer guides for students; however, requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with PCC advisors and their transfer institution to ensure that their academic plan will meet requirements and timelines.

Last updated: December 2011