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Criminology/Criminal Justice 2010-2015

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

General Education

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Required Courses

University Requirement PCC Equivalent Credits
CCJ 200

Criminology & Criminal Justice

CJA 112 Intro. to Criminal Justice System- Courts

CCJ 230 Policing in America CJA 111 Intro. to Criminal Justice System- Police 3
CCJ 240 Punishment & Corrections CJA 113 Intro. to Criminal Justice System- Corrections 3
CCJ Elective credits (a maximum of 8 credits at the 100-200 level) Up to 8 credits of CJA courses can transfer as AJ electives 8


All major requirements must be passed with a grade of C or better. Pass grades are not accepted.

Basic computer skills or CS 105 at PSU is the prerequisite for CCJ 340, a required course.

The Division of Criminology and Criminal Justice is designed for students who are interested in studying the causes, prevention, and control of criminal activity. The division's curriculum provides students with a broad base of knowledge about crime, criminals, victims, and the criminal justice system. This includes coverage of theories, programs and research on crime prevention, policing, courts, and corrections within the context of sustainable communities. Examination of these issues occurs at individual, community, and societal levels. Moreover, the curriculum is designed to foster student skills in critical reasoning, problem solving, and written and oral communication.

Criminology and criminal justice is an interdisciplinary major, a fact demonstrated by the diverse backgrounds of our full-time and adjunct faculty. Students graduating from our program have a wide range of choices when they look for employment or post-graduate education. Our graduates work in local and federal law enforcement, in corrections (probation and parole, correctional administration), in human services (offender counseling, victim assistance), and in fields like security and investigation within the business community. Graduates from our program also go on to pursue advanced degrees in such areas as law, criminal justice, psychology, social work, public administration, and urban planning.

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