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Business 2010-2014

Degree Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

General Education

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PCC endeavors to create accurate transfer guides for students; however, requirements and equivalencies may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with PCC advisors and advisors at their transfer institution to ensure that their academic plan will meet requirements and timelines.


Required Courses

University Requirement PCC Equivalent Credits
WR 121 College Composition I and WR 122 College Composition II or 123 College Composition III WR 121 & 122 or 123 English Composition I & II or III 7-8
MTH 241 and 242 Calculus for Business and Social Science

(may be taken p/np)

MTH 241 Calc. for Management/Social Sci. & MTH 242 at Univ. of Oregon. (MTH 242 is only offered winter term and must be completed before applying to the School of Business)

or MTH 251 & 252 Calculus I & II

4 + credits at U of O



MTH 243 Introduction to Methods of Probability and Statistics MTH 243 Statistics I & 244 Statistics II 9

BA 240 Managing Business Information (pre-requisite: knowledge of

spreadsheet, data base, and word processing applications).

Must be taken graded.

No PCC Equivalent -
BA 101 Introduction to Business BA 101 Introduction to Business 4

EC 201 Microeconomics and

EC 202 Macroeconomics

EC 201 Microeconomics

EC 202 Macroeconomics

ACTG 211 & 213 Intro to Accounting I, II BA 211, 212, & 213 Accounting I, II, & III 9

Majoring in Business

Note: All courses need to be taken for a letter grade, including writing and math. If students took the writing and math courses for a pass/no pass grade prior to Fall 2010, they will continue to be accepted. A grade of C- or better is required for all pre-business courses. Beginning Fall 2014, automatic admission to the college of business will require a cumulative and pre-business core GPA of 3.0.

Pre-Business Major

Undergraduate students who want to enter the business program spend their first two years as pre-business majors. During this time students will complete both pre-business requirements and university general eduacation requirements.

Major in Business Administration or Accounting

Once students have completed the pre-business requirements. They may apply for admission to the major.

Get a Concentration

Business administration majors may select a concentration in a particular area of study. Choose from the following set of concentrations: Finance, Marketing, Sports Business, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems & Operations Management.

Major Program Application

To register in upper division business courses you must first apply and be admitted into the major. Applications are due by the second Friday of the term one term prior to registering for upper division courses. (You can be enrolled in your final pre-business requirements at the time you submit your application.)

Once your request has been submitted we will review your student record to ensure that you meet all the admission requirements for the undergraduate major in business. You will be notified via mail of our decision. If you are currently enrolled in Pre-Business Core courses, or if your cumulative G.P.A. is currently below a 2.75, we will process your application after grades are posted at the end of the term.

on-line application


Additional Requirements

  • For U of O's Bachelor's Degree Requirements, refer to General Education. For PCC courses that transfer to U of O, refer to Transfer Equivalencies.
  • If you plan to earn an AAOT degree, all U of O general education requirements will be met by AAOT degree requirements.


Last updated: October 2014