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Business 2015-2016

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science


General Education

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Becoming a Transfer Business Student at PSU

Required Courses

University Requirement PCC Equivalent Credits
Wr 121 English Composition (or UnSt 101, 102, 103 at PSU) WR 121 English Composition 4
Comm 220 Public Speaking COMM 111 Fundamentals of Speech 4

Ec 201& 202 Micro & Macroeconomics

EC 201& 202 Micro & Macroeconomics 8
Stat 241 or 243 Statistics MTH 243 Statistics I 5
BA 101 Intro to Business BA 101 Intro to Business 4
BA 205 Bus Comm Using Technology BA 205 Solving Comm Prob w/Tech 4

BA 211 Fund Financial Accting &

BA 213 Decision Making w/ Acct. Info

BA 211 & 212 Principles of Accounting I & II

BA 213 Managerial Accounting



Accounting option only:

PHL 308 Elementary Ethics or Phl 309 Business Ethics, PS 101 United States Government, PS 102 United States Politics, and 3 or more credits in anthropology, psychology or sociology.

Accounting option only:

PS 201 & 202, PHL 202 or 209, and 3-4 credits in PSY, SOC or ATH


  • Students will need to complete all "pre-business" classes as prerequisites for upper level business major courses.
  • Students must complete the prerequisite courses with a grade of "C-" or better. P/NP grades are not accepted. PCC does not give +/- grades.

PSU School of Business options: Accounting, Management & Leadership, Human Resource Management, Supply & Logistics Management, Advertising Management, Finance, Real Estate Finance, Marketing

MTH 244 had previously been required. Beginning fall 2016, only one statistics class will be required. Students who transfer to PSU during the 15-16 catalog year will have the MTH 244 requirement waived.

Additional Requirements

To see how you will transfer into PSU's University Studies program, refer to General Education. We highly encourage you to talk with a PCC Academic Advisor to learn more about meeting PSU's general education and bachelor degree requirements.

PCC endeavors to create accurate transfer guides for students; however, requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with PCC advisors and their transfer institution to ensure that their academic plan will meet requirements and timelines.

Last updated: September 2015