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Adult Degree Program 2012-2013

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Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

Online only degree programs:

Accounting, International Business, Management, Marketing, RN to BSN and Social & Behavioral Sciences

Hybrid degree programs (courses online and in the classroom):

Accounting, Arts & Humanities, Business Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing, Social & Behavioral Sciences


  • Environmental Studies


Online only certificates: 

Accounting (Post Baccalaureate), Human Resource Management, Marketing

Hybrid certificates (courses online and in the classroom):

Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Marketing

Admission Information:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 in college transfer coursework
  • Most college-level coursework from regionally accredited institutions is acceptable
  • Prior college work is not required
  • Grades of C- and below will not transfer
  • Maximum of 72 semester credits (108 quarter credits) from all 2-year colleges combined will be accepted
  • Students who are non-native speakers of English are generally required to demonstrate college-level language skills by means of the TOEFL and TWE.

Rolling admission deadline

  • Evening, weekend, and on-line classes are available

Accounting, Business Information Systems, International Business, and Management Majors

Major Requirement You Can Meet This Requirement With:

Linfield Courses PCC Courses PCC Credits
BUSN 260 Financial Accounting BA 211 and 212 Principles of Accounting I & II 6
BUSN 261 Managerial Accounting BA 213 Managerial Accounting 4
BUSN 301 The Management Process BA 206 Management Fundamentals 3
BUSN 321 Principles of Marketing BA 223 Principles of Marketing 3
BUSN 340 Business Law I BA 226 Business Law 4
ECON 210 Principles of Economics EC 201 and 202 Principles of Economics 8
MATH 162 Finite Math with Calculus MTH 241 Calculus for Management, Life & Social Science 4
MATH 140 Introduction to Statistics   MTH 243 Statistics I 5

Portland Advisors:

Linfield advisors are happy to provide pre-transfer advising.  Please feel free to contact them up to a year before your planned transfer date.

Gloria Flower          503-287-3191             gflower@linfield.edu        Enrollment Specialist

Sarah Wegner       503-857-6659             sawegner@linfield.edu       Admission Advisor

Joanne Swenson    503-413-7174             jswenson@linfield.edu        Academic Advisor

Linfield Bachelor’s Degrees require 125 semester credits of coursework. Students generally begin by taking the one-credit Linfield Entry Colloquium, which provides an overview of Linfield requirements and values. Approximately one-third of the credits each student takes are in the general education core. The core is the heart of Linfield’s liberal arts tradition, designed to enable students to communicate effectively, think critically and independently, understand history and cultural heritage, and relate these concepts to contemporary issues. Another third of a student’s credits is in elective courses. Many students apply coursework from other colleges to this category or develop a portfolio to earn credit for prior knowledge acquired through careers, hobbies, or travel. The final third of a student’s credits will be in the major. At least 30 semester credits must be Linfield coursework.

It is highly recommended that you contact a Linfield advisor for more information.

Last updated: December 2012