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The Sustainability Focus award recognizes students who have completed a broad range of sustainability related courses. The award is designed to encourage students to learn to see environmental issues from multiple perspectives and to increase their experience in this multi-disciplinary topic. The earning of this focus award can demonstrate to potential employers and transfer colleges that the student has a deep and broad understanding of sustainability issues.

Focus Awards are not to be confused with degrees or certificates, are not officially recognized by the state, and do not appear on transcripts. See the catalog for more information.

Sustainability Focus Award Application

Award certificates will be handed out at our end-of-year Sustainability Award Ceremony. We will send award recipients invitations to the Award Ceremony when event details are confirmed. Award certificates not picked up at this event will be delivered via mail or email.

If you are unable to attend, how do you want to receive your award?
Requirements for award
  1. A minimum of 16 credits
  2. Includes courses from at least 4 different disciplines
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