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Joshua Bass
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Andrew D. Butz

Andrew Butz enjoys teaching SOC 204, 205 & 206 at PCC Sylvania — and occasionally upper division courses like Globalization at PSU. He is a Doctoral Candidate from Univ. of British Columbia (topic: 'The Globalization of Protest in the News'), with a Sociology M.S. from Portland State Univ. (topic: 'Urban Sprawl, Media Monopoly & Citizen Participation'), and a Technical Journalism B.S. from Oregon State (focus: Business Relations, Science, & Religions). Along with Globalization and Social Movements, some of his other interests are: Service-Learning, sustainable social justice, human-powered exploration & rhythms, DIY, chocolate, and his daughter (+ her mom).

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Ben Cushing

Ben Cushing’s academic interests revolve around social movements and decolonization. How has our colonial past shaped our present and our dreams for alternative futures? What are responsible and effective methods for healing the social and ecological wounds inflicted by our colonial society? In the past, his work has focused on indigenous resistance and alter-globalization movements. More recently, he has been contemplating the relationship between place and social change. In his teaching practice, Ben attempts to foster a sense of community with his students. He sees the classroom as one space in which we can take account of the serious problems we face and build a sense of responsibility and agency in addressing them. At PCC, his classes include:

  • SOC 204 Sociology in Everyday Life
  • SOC 205 Social Change in Societies
  • SOC 206 Social Problems
  • SOC 213 Diversity in the United States
  • SOC 215 Social Issues & Movements
  • SOC 221 Globalization & International Relations

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Terry Daugherty
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Jordan Durbin
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Ricci Elizabeth
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Lisa George
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Mark Patrick George

Mark Patrick George is an applied sociologist and veteran activist whose research and teaching interests include race/ethnic relations, gender/masculinities, sexuality and social movements. Much of his scholarly attention centers on understanding and applying critical theory and his community organizing energy focuses on antiracist, anti-sexist, and anti-heterosexist initiatives. Prior to joining PCC, Mark founded the Mary Turner Project ( a multigenerational racial justice initiative that he continues to coordinate. At PCC, classes Mark teaches include Sociology in Everyday Life (SOC 204), Social Problems (SOC 206), and Diversity in the United States (Soc 213). When not teaching or organizing, Mark makes documentary videos, music, and he loves being outdoors.

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Colin Gilmore
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Heather Guevara

Heather received her M.S. in Sociology in 2006 from Portland State University. Her specialty areas include Sociology of Education, Latinos in Education, Non-traditional College Students, Diversity in Higher Education, and Qualitative Methods. She has taught at PCC since 2006 and served as a part-time advisor at PCC before that. It addition to serving the PCC community as an instructor and department chair, she has served as a consultant on a number of focus group projects centered on "giving voice" to the diverse student experiences at PCC. Heather teaches both online and face-to-face.

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Tom Hastings
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Jamee Kristen

Jamee Kristen currently teaches Sociology in Everyday Life (SOC 204) and Social Problems (SOC 206) online. At PCC, she has also taught Social Change in Societies, Diversity in the United States, Sociology of Gender, and Peace and Conflict Studies. In addition, Dr. Kristen serves as Faculty Department Chair for Sociology, Psychology, Geography and Women’s Studies at the Rock Creek campus. She is also currently Chair of the Sociology Subject Area Committee at the district level and the Assessment Coordinator for the Sociology program. Previously, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dr. Kristen worked in public policy research as both a project manager and research analyst. She completed a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2001.

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Jeannie E. LaFrance
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Jerry Loveless

Jerry began his academic journey in higher education at Grays Harbor Community College before attending the University of Montana where he earned a B.A. in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology. Most recently, Jerry received his M.S. in Sociology from Portland State University. His areas of research and interest include education, higher education, pedagogy, pedagogical tools, social theory, socialization, stratification, and the "iron cage of rationality." Jerry spent well over a decade working in social services with victims of personal violent crime and at-risk youth before returning to graduate school to commence a career as a Sociology Instructor. He currently enjoys teaching at both PCC and CCC where he assists students with strengthening their perspective taking skills and enhancing their sociological imagination.

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Melody L. McMurry

Melody McMurry retired from teaching full time at PCC in 2013. She now teaches part-time at the Rock Creek Campus. Melody has worked for PCC since 1978, and at the Rock Creek Campus the past 22 years where she has taught Sociology and Women's Studies. All of her degrees were earned at Portland State University, with a doctorate in Post-Secondary Educational Leadership in 1996. She has particular interest in equity, experiential, multi-cultural education, and internationalizing curriculum. She was selected in 2006 as CIEE (Center for Educational Exchange) to the UK in 2006, the OIEC (Oregon International Educational Consortium) as faculty for the London 2005 and Florence 2012 Study Abroad programs. In 2011, Melody was awarded the PCC Galbraith Award for her work on "From Experiential Education to Cultural Literacy." She was born in The Dalles, Oregon.

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Jeremy Tanzer
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Joel Schoening

Joel Schoening began his undergraduate education at a community college and went on to complete his B.A. in Sociology at San Francisco State University and his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Oregon. His research and teaching are focused on the potential for building more equitable, sustainable, and democratic communities. In addition to teaching, Joel has worked as a consultant and analyst for worker owned firms and a variety of government agencies, most recently for Metro. He has a deep appreciation for yard games, craft beer, and custom bicycles.

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Kim Smith

Kim Smith received her B.A. in Sociology from Whitman College, in 1990, and her Ph.D. in Sociology from Indiana University, in 2000. She has taught sociology at PCC since 1996. While she enjoys teaching all of the introductory sociology classes, her specialties are environmental sociology and social movements. Kim also has served as PCC’s Service-Learning Coordinator, the Teaching Learning Center Co-Director and the Training Coordinator for PCC’s Summer Sustainability Institute. She is committed to promoting sustainability within the community and has worked closely with many non-profits, including the Northwest Earth Institute, the Community Energy Project, City Repair, and Hands on Greater Portland, where she served as a board member for six years. In 2012, she served as the higher education representative for North America, through the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), at the United Nations Rio+20 Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro. This led to her current position as Coordinator of the Greater Portland Regional Center of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development, through the United Nations University system.

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Ken Szymkowiak
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Niki Toussaint
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Maria E. Wilson-Figueroa

Maria Wilson-Figueroa received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Utah State University in 1990; her dissertation topic was Migration Among Young Latinos: A Longitudinal Study. She joined Portland State University in 1990 with joint appointments with the State Data Center, the Department of Sociology and the Department of Urban Studies. In 1998-1990, she taught at Tarleton State University, Texas until she returned to her beloved Northwest in the year 2000 when she joined Portland Community College. While at PCC, Maria has taught Sociology and Women Studies courses. She has published her work in the Journal of Rural Sociology and Journal of the Family.

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S. Rowan Wolf
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Khalil Zonoozy
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