Career Pathways Certificates

Below is a list of all Career Pathways Certificates offered at PCC. Please select a link to learn more about any of these programs.

Academic Program Certificate Title Credits
Bioscience Technology Bioscience Technology Certificate 19
Business Administration Entry-level Accounting Clerk 14
Retail Sales and Service 13
Computer Applications/Office Systems Basic Computer Systems 13
Word Processing 26
Spreadsheet 27
Office Assistant 43
Web Site Development and Design: Web Assistant I 12
Web Site Development and Design: Web Assistant II 24
Computer Information Systems Database Design and SQL 12
Java Application Programming 16
VB.Net Application Programming 16
Oracle and SQL 12
Web Application Development 16
Network Administration: Microsoft Server Administration 24
Network Administration: Linux/Unix Server Network Security 28
Network Administration: Windows Network Security 36
Network Administration: Network Administration 16
Network Administration: Linux Server Administration 16

Criminal Justice

Corrections Technician

Electronic Engineering Renewable Energy 42
Emergency Management Emergency Management 44

Facilities Maintenance Technology

HVAC/R Installer


Fitness Technology Healthy Older Adult Fitness 25
Gerontology Activity Assistant 24
Activity Director 36
Activity Consultant 21

Advanced Behavioral & Cognitive Care


  End of Life Care and Support 36
  Gerontology 43
  Horticultural Therapy 29
Machine Manufacturing Technology Manufacturing Technician 25.5
Microelectronic Technology Solar Voltaic Mfg. Technology 13