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What will I do on the job?


Following are descriptions of the most common occupations:

Real estate brokers
work with buyers to search for properties that are for sale and arrange showings. Once the right property is found, a real estate broker will prepare a sale agreement and negotiate other terms involved in the transaction. Real estate brokers work with sellers to establish an appropriate asking price and develop a marketing plan to attract buyers to the property.
Real estate appraisers
inspect properties, take measurements, and compile data from other comparable properties. An appraiser creates a written report that shows the appraiser’s estimate of the current market value of the property.
Property managers
are responsible for managing property owned by others. Typical activities include collecting rents, coordinating repairs and maintenance, reviewing tenant applications and preparing monthly reports. Property managers need to be very familiar with Fair Housing Laws and Landlord-Tenant Laws.
Loan officers
help people obtain loans to buy real estate. Typical activities include assisting borrowers to select the appropriate type of loan, taking loan applications, ordering credit reports and appraisals, assembling income and expense information, and guiding borrowers throughout the process. Loan officers must stay abreast of changes in interest rates and be aware of new loan programs.

What skills will I use on the job?

Depending on the job, the skills needed will vary.

Real estate brokers
should have good communication skills and the ability to relate to a wide variety of prospective clients. Patience and persistence are also important qualities.
Real estate appraisers
use more analytical skills, working mostly with numbers, measurements, and routine mathematical calculations; the work is very detail-oriented.
Property managers
must be good working with people, coordinating a wide variety of activities and handling problems when they arise. Property managers must respond to tenants’ needs while meeting the owner’s financial expectations for the property.
Loan officers
must be good with people and use basic math skills. Officers must have the ability to monitor several files at once in busy settings.

How much can I earn?

Income varies greatly, depending on your career choice. Entry-level positions for salaried jobs start between $20,000 and $30,000 per year. With experience, salaries may exceed $50,000. If you are paid on a commission basis, the amount is totally dependent on your productivity. Some agents earn relatively little. Some earn more than $100,000 a year.

Who will hire me?

A variety of organizations hire people with real estate training: real estate brokerage firms, real estate appraisal firms, property management firms, real estate property development firms, banks, savings and loans, mortgage banking firms, insurance companies, county assessor’s offices, companies owning real property, title companies and various state and federal agencies.