Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Monica H. Schneider-Anthony, PsyD
Monica has been teaching for over 10 years in the subject area of personality, abnormal psychology, social psychology and general psychology.  Her career background is in occupational therapy and industrial psychology.  Monica worked as a career counselor for many years and was a member of the Life and Career Planning faculty at Marylhurst University in the l990s.  Teaching is a great passion for Monica who employs learning style and mental health awareness in her teaching methods. She also has a cute dog named Starbuck!
Wayne Hooke, M.A.

Wayne received his degree in 1986 from the University of Georgia and has been teaching at PCC since 2000. His courses tend to use the lecture/discussion format, PowerPoint presentations, iClickers, and objective tests. Currently, his academic focus is the psychology of beauty and his interests include digital photography and sailboat racing.

Wayne teaches a number of courses in the PCC psychology department, has clinical experience in university-run and community clinics for the general public, inpatient and partial psychiatric hospital programs private practice, and has published on the topics of the Psychology of Beauty, treatment of PTSD, and analytical psychology.