Peace and Conflict Studies

Program Contact: Michael Sonnleitner

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The Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) program is flexibly designed to satisfy the different needs of students, teachers and other professionals, and the general public.

Objectives include providing a multi-disciplinary means of exploring the structural causes and manifestations of violence in self, in society, in nation-states, and in the global community and to consider alternatives to violent resolution of conflict. Those enrolled are encouraged to study, design, and participate in social and political structures that nurture peace and security, human rights and justice, racial and gender equality, environmental stability, economic equity, and responsible communication.

Focus Award

In this program you can earn:

  • Focus Award: Peace and Conflict Studies I
  • Focus Award: Peace and Conflict Studies II
  • Focus Award: Peace and Conflict Studies III

See the Catalog and the Peace and Conflict Studies classes web page for more details.

Note: This focus award is not a formal, transcripted degree or certificate, but is a recognition of courses taken to supplement the skills you already have. Focus awards may be earned in combination with a certificate and/or degree.

What's Next?

  1. To learn more about the Peace and Conflict Studies program, contact Michael Sonnleitner.
  2. Start taking classes included in the Peace and Conflict Studies classes web page.
  3. Upon completion of the program requirements, contact Michael Sonnleitner.

Course of Study

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