Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


Surrounds soccer field at foot of hill beyond West end of HT Building
Track is 8 lanes wide, Nike regrind surface, all weather design
Inside Lane: 440 yards or 1/4 mile
Other Lanes: Add 21 feet or 7 yards per lane (e.g. Lane 8 = 1/4 mile + 49 yards)
Lane Width: 3' 6"
Track Width: 28' 4"
Other Specifications:
Track surface is Nike Regrind – last resurfaced by Atlas Tracks, Summer 2003
Facility Access:
No barriers
Activities Permitted:
Jogging, Walking, Intramural Competition, Adult Fitness, Credit Class Instruction, Commercial Filming, Intercollegiate Athletics, Special Community Events
Dogs and vehicles are prohibited on the track at all times!
Contact the Sylvania Sports Facilities Supervisor, Heidi Van Brocklin

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