Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Issue Room - HT 114

Third door on left down East-West hallway on"100" level of HT Building
Main Area: 31'4" (L) x 24'1" (W) x 9'0" (H) AREA:  756 ft2 Total Area:  981.938 ft2
Adjacent Area (EAST): 14'2" (L) x 8'6" (W) x 9'0" (H) AREA:  121.125 ft2
Adjacent Area (WEST): 9'10" (L) x 10'10" (W) x 9'0" (H) AREA:  104.813 ft2
Room Capacity:
Facility Access:
No barriers.
Activities Permitted:
Equipment Storage - Checkout - Repair, Facility Security and Access Contact Point, Racquetball Court reservations and check-in, Music Practice Room reservations and check-in, Emergency Assistance Access Point, Check-in for PE 10 students, Locker Assignments, First Aid/Emergency Assistance, AED Location
Not available for rental to outside groups.

  • Map of first floor of HT building with issue room highlighted
  • issue room