Exercise Room - HT 08

Issue Room Phone: 971-722-4945

At second bend in basement hallway of HT Building
74'4½"L  x 38'10" W x 9'9" H (wood) Wood Floor (Main Section)
9'3" L x 9'10 W x 9'9" H (wood) Wood Floor (Small Section)
83'8½” (L) x 38'10" (W) x 11'10" (H) Entire Room (Includes tiles)    Total Area:  2886.875 ft2
Room Capacity:
Facility Access:
Elevator from 100 level. No barriers inside facility - ramp available to access wood surface.
Activities Permitted:
Aerobics, Dance, Calisthenics, Martial Arts, Adult Fitness, Pilates, Yoga
Contact the Sylvania Sports Facilities Supervisor, Heidi Van Brocklin
Map of basement floor of HT building with exercise room highlighted
exercise room

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