Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Levi pumping iron
When is the gym available?
There are room schedules posted on the info board next to the front entrance and by the door to each room. If the schedule is blank at the day and time of interest, the room is likely to be available. The front desk does not hand out copies to students, as the schedules can change.
Where do I pay my PE Fee to use the facility, reserve a locker (if available), and get a towel?
PE Fees are paid at the Student Account Services. After you have paid that fee, bring the receipt back to the Cascade Gym Front Desk to process your membership.
What shoes can I wear in the dance room and the gym?
Street shoes, dress shoes, and shoes with black soles will not be allowed in the gym or in the dance room. Only clean athletic shoes shall be worn on the gym floor surface.
Why can’t I wear jeans in the circuit or weight rooms?
The rivets manufactured into jeans and other similar clothing can rip the vinyl on the benches, seats, etc. Therefore, jeans and other clothing with similar features are prohibited.
Can I bring food or beverages into the facility?
Glass bottles or containers are not allowed in the facility. Clear drinks in plastic bottles are allowed in the weight and circuit rooms. Other food and drink are only allowed in the lobby area, and any trash must be discarded appropriately.
Where can I put my gym bag?
No gym bags or packs will be allowed in any of the workout areas. Please attempt to reserve a locker to store your personal items.
How do I check out a basketball?
Users must provide a PCC I.D. or Driver’s License to check out basketballs or other equipment. All checked-out equipment must be returned to its correct location.
Do I need to clean my weight and circuit machines?
Weight and circuit room users are required to clean the machines after use. Each person using the circuit or weight room is required to check out a towel (or bring their own). Free weights should be returned to their original location.
What do I do if the machine I am using is broken?
All items needing maintenance (both indoor and outdoor) should be reported to building staff.