Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

2015-2016 Year Schedule

Below is the tentative schedule for the upcoming year. This schedule is posted to assist students in planning courses and year. Please note: this schedule is not guaranteed and is subject to change. This schedule is also available in PDF format.

Core Courses

Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
PL 101 Intro to Law - Fundamentals X X X X
PL 102 Intro to Law - Substantive Areas X X X X
PL 103 Intro to Law - Ethics X X X X
PL 107 Techniques of Interview X X X X
PL 130 Legal Software X X X X
PL 201 Legal Research & Library Use X X X X
PL 202 Computer Assisted Legal Research X X X X
PL 204 Applied Legal Research & Drafting X X X X

Elective Courses

Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
PL 104 Investigation Tech. for Legal Assistants X X
PL 105 Litigation   X   X
PL 109 Estate Planning X
PL 111 Probate Practice X
PL 113 Income Tax Law   X
PL 116 Real Property Law X  
PL 124 Law Office Management   X X  
PL 140 Immigration X
PL 205 Advanced Litigation   X  
PL 206 Intellectual Property Law   X    
PL 208 Family Law X X
PL 210 Elder Law X
PL 216 Employment Law X X
PL 219 Contract & Consumer Law X    
PL 220 Worker’s Compensation X  
PL 221 Bankruptcy Law X
PL 222 Corporate Law Practice   X
PL 224 Torts/Personal Injury X   X
PL 226 Criminal Law for Legal Assistants X X
PL 230 E-Discovery X   X  
PL 240 Environmental Law X      
PL 299C Administration Law   X   X
PL 280A Co-op (Internship) X X X X