Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Enrollment Steps

Get admitted to PCC. When filling out the application:

  1. There will be a question asking "What do you plan to study at PCC?"
  2. For Paralegal there is only one choice: AAS Paralegal. Choose that even if you want to pursue the Certificate.
    1. The Certificate program requires Department Chair approval to enroll in and obtain the Certificate.
    2. At a subsequent time, if the Chair grants authorization to pursue the Certificate, you will be moved into that program.
    3. See the prerequisites on the Paralegal Program home page and Certificate Guidelines page.


Advising by Reba Stephney is recommended for students entering the program without a prior degree. Diana Blake can offer advising for students with a prior degree seeking information and/or entry to the certificate program. Questions about any aspect of the program, and the Certificate, may also be directed to Aubrey Baldwin, the Paralegal Department Chair.