Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

On-the-Job Evaluation

For persons who are out of work due to injury, disability, job displacement or other similar circumstances, finding new occupations that fit their skills and abilities can be challenging. We can help determine whether a new job is the right fit, assessing a student's work traits, aptitudes, limitations, potentials and habits in a specific occupation.


On-the-Job Evaluation Services can:

  • Determine if an occupational goal or a specific job is a good job match for the client.
  • Find out if the client is physically able to do the work.
  • Determine or verify the client's skill levels in a realistic work environment.
  • Determine whether the Occupational Skills Training program is a good option for the client.
  • Cover workers' compensation insurance throughout the evaluation.
How it Works

We welcome referrals from vocational consultants, preferably after they have identified an evaluation site, determined the specific issues to be assessed and completed a job analysis to insure that on-the-job evaluation is within the student's physical capacity.

After determining that the student and job site are appropriate for our services, we work with people at the evaluation site to conduct a thorough evaluation, which can last from a week to a month or longer.

How to Refer

To refer a client to our On-the-Job Evaluation Services, you will need to submit the following materials to us:

  • A referral form, available online and from the Occupational Skills Training office.
  • Authorization for payment of fees for On-the-Job Evaluation Services.
  • Written approval of the evaluation site by the client's physician.