Music - PSU Transfer Advising Information

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Music Degree Advising for Students who plan to transfer to Portland State University as music majors or minors

All PSU Music Degrees Require the Following PCC Courses During the First Year:

MUS 111, 112, 113
MUS 11C, 112C, 113C
MUS191p, 192p, 193p
Three terms of MUS 220 (for vocalists) or MUS 195 or MUS158 (for instrumentalists)
Three terms of MUP Private Music Lessons*
Five credits of LDC courses per term**

Additional Requirements for Specific Music Degrees:

BM in Performance: MUS195 and MU158
BM in Vocal Performance: MUS220 and 221 and two terms of Italian, French or
German or Demonstrated Competency
BM in Composition: Three terms of MUS240
BM in Jazz Studies: MUS220 or MUS195 and MUS221 or MU158

Visit the PSU Music Department Website for Details on Each Degree:

*1 credit of lessons = ten 30 minute lessons, 2 credits = ten hour lessons per term for details on lessons visit

**PSU Admission Requires Completion of WR121 with grade of C or better. Second Language Proficiency for Graduates of High School 1997 or later (two years of H.S.-level second language or one year of H.S.-level third year of Second Language or 2 quarters of College-level Second Language.

PSU Admission requirements for transfer students:

Contact John Mery Chair of Music and Dance if you have questions or need additional information.