Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Attending an Allied Health Information Session is strongly encouraged but not required. Not able to attend one of these sessions? Make an individual advising appointment by emailing healthca@pcc.edu or calling 971-722-5667.

Information on programs and admission requirements for the following programs: Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Health Information Management, Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Ophthalmic Medical Technology.

Information session schedule – 2016
Date Time Room
04/11/17 3-5pm Cascade TEB 120
04/20/17 3-5pm Rock Creek Building 5 room 239
Advising appointments available before the session at Rock Creek. Please contact healthca@pcc.edu to schedule.
04/427/17 9-11am Cascade TEB 120
05/01/17 3-5pm SE SC 111 (Orientation Center)
05/09/17 3-5pm Sylvania LIB 204
05/31/17 3-5pm Cascade TEB 120
06/06/17 9-11am Cascade TEB 224