Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medical Laboratory Technician?
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians perform routine clinical laboratory testing using analytical instruments to provide scientific data needed in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease.
How many students do you admit to your program each year?
  • We generally admit 24 students each fall based on a point system. See the advising guide.
How competitive is admission?
  • We usually receive about 32 - 36 applications for 24 spots in the program.
What is the cost of your program?
  • Tuition and fees are just over $100 per credit.
  • The degree is 97 credits, the cost is about $12,500 for tuition, fees, and other costs.
Can any of your prerequisites or program classes be substituted with other classes or work experience?
  • If you have taken classes that you think could be substituted for MLT program classes contact the admissions coordinator at healthca@pcc.edu. Most writing, math and other general education classes can be transferred from any regionally accredited college.
Is there any way to graduate from your program faster if I’ve been working in the field?
  • There is not; the program is 7 terms.
What are the practicum requirements?
  • During your program you will go through 5 different clinical rotations, assigned to you by the MLT program, for a total of over 750 hours. Before beginning practicum, students will be required to complete a criminal background check, ten-panel drug screen and provide proof of immunizations. There is a cost associated with completing this requirement.
What is the completion rate for your program?
  • In the prior model, 91% or more students have successfully completed the 2nd half of the program. We do not have data for completion rates in our new model.
What kind of certification am I eligible for with your program?
What is the employment rate for graduates from your program?
  • 91% or more of our graduates are working in their field within 9 months of graduation
How much will I make as a MLT
  • According to the OED, the average salary in the Portland metro area is $44,000/year.