Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Admission: Step 4

Submit Transcripts

Obtain transcripts from all colleges you have attended other than PCC. If you need to order transcripts, it may take more than 4 weeks to process your request, so place your requests as soon as possible.

Below are reasons you may want an unofficial or official evaluation of transcripts:

To take classes at PCC – unofficial evaluation

Make an appointment with a General Advisor or Allied Health Admissions Advisor (healthca@pcc.edu) to get an override for writing, reading and math coursework based on previous coursework completed.

To determine if you have met prerequisite or program coursework requirements – unofficial evaluation

Make an appointment with the Allied Health Admissions Advisor (healthca@pcc.edu) to review your transcripts and determine if past coursework meets prerequisite or program requirements.

For applying to the program – unofficial evaluation

Include your official or unofficial transcripts with your Medical Laboratory Technology Application (see Step 6). It is your responsibility to ensure that transcripts are in our office by the admission deadline. You do not need to do this if you have had your transcripts Officially evaluated by PCC.

OFFICIAL evaluation – to get credit for past coursework towards program requirements

Send official transcripts to Student Records once you have been admitted into the program (or before if you would like). Follow these steps to have your transcripts officially evaluated.