Admission to the Medical Laboratory Technology Program

Important Information

Proposed Prerequisite Requirements

  • WR 121 - English Composition
  • MTH 95 - Intro Algebra, 2nd term
  • BI 121 & 122 - Intro to Anatomy and Physiology
  • CH 104 - 106 - Allied Health Chemistry
  • MLT 199E or MLT 110 - Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology

Application Deadlines

Applications will be accepted April 6 – June 19, 2015 to start the program in fall term 2015. Applications will be available on this page starting in February but the required recommendation forms are available now.

The program will likely accept 20 students and applicants will be selected based on a competitive point system. For information on the admission point system see the Advising Guide.

Information Session

For more information, please attend an information session.

  1. The Medical Laboratory Technology program is a closed program with limited enrollment
  2. The Medical Laboratory Technology program is a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree program and students take courses full-time during the day
  3. Applicants can enter the program fall term at the Cascade Campus (705 N. Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97217)
  4. We have just revised the MLT program curriculum so students entering the program in fall 2015 will not follow the curriculum listed in the catalog. Many of the courses will be the same but the sequencing and composition of courses will be different and some of the courses required have changed. For more information about the new curriculum contact the Admissions Coordinator.
  5. Applications will be accepted April 6 – June 19, 2015 to start the program in fall term 2015. We generally admit 20 students.
  6. All prerequisites must be completed by the end of spring term 2015. You may apply prior to completion of all prerequisite classes as long as all classes will be completed by the end of the spring term 2015.
  7. Applicants with the same number of points will be accepted in the order that their complete application was received so we highly recommend that you apply early.
  8. Students will become part of a cohort (a group of students who take classes together), and will be required to take the curriculum lock-step.
  9. After admission to the program, but before beginning clinical rotations, students may be required to complete some or all of the following: criminal background check, proof of immunizations, and a ten-panel drug screening. There will be a cost associated with completing this requirement.