Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Admissions: Step 6

Complete application for admission

  1. You have two options to complete the Medical Assisting Program Application.
    1. You can complete the application as a PDF.
    2. You can complete the application online. If you choose this option you will also need to send the Recommendation Form link to two people you choose to recommend you for this program. They will follow the link and complete the form.
    With either option, we are accepting applications October 24 - December 15, 2017 for the Spring 2017 Cohort. Applications received before October 24 will not be processed until the end of the day October 24. All materials must be received by 5pm on December 15 for your application to be considered complete. Students who have applied in the past six months can reapply, if they choose, with a one page reapplication form. Contact the Admissions Coordinator to receive this form.
  2. Include unofficial transcripts from colleges/universities you have attended other than Portland Community College. See Step 4 for getting your transcripts "officially evaluated" by Student Records.
    • You do not need unofficial transcripts if you have had your transcripts officially evaluated by Student Records, and your transcripts are on file with PCC.
    • If you are currently enrolled in coursework at another college you must provide proof of enrollment with your application listing any required classes that are in progress. Your grade for this class must be received in admissions within one week after the grade is posted.