Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Program Costs

Item Cost
Tuition, Lab, and Fees See Tuition and Fees
Books Approximately $928.00
Parking Fee See Parking and Transportation website.
Professional Association Dues $30 per year to AAMA, payable in September
Criminal Background Check $40 payable during 1st term
Drug Test Collection Fee $30 payable during 1st term
Immunization & TB Test Costs Varies depending on insurance and needs (contact Admissions Coordinator at healthca@pcc.edu for more information) payable during 1st term
Immunization tracking/verification $35 payable during 1st term
School Uniform $32 purchased before 2nd term
Stethoscope $30 – $100 purchased during 2nd term
Credentialing Exam $125 to AAMA, payable in 2nd term

PCC has a variety of financial aid options and scholarship opportunities available for students.