Medical Assistant Program Admission

Prerequisite Requirements

MP 111 - Medical Terminology
MTH 60 - Intro Algebra, 1st term
BI 121 - Intro to Anatomy and Physiology I
WR 121- English Composition

Application Deadlines

For Spring 2015 (Willow Creek Center): October 27 – December 18, 2014

For Fall 2015 (Cascade Campus): April 20 - June 19, 2015

The program will accept 24 students, selected based on a competitive point system. For information on classes you can take prior to entry and information on admission points, see the Advising Guide.

Information Session

For more information, please attend an information session.

Important Information

  1. The Medical Assisting program is a full time, closed program with limited enrollment.
  2. The Medical Assisting program is a Certificate program, and students go full time for 3 terms during the day.
  3. Students can enter the program during Spring term at the Willow Creek Center or Fall term at the Cascade Campus.
  4. The Medical Assisting program generally accepts 24 students each fall term and 24 students each spring term based on the number of points applicants receive.
    • Applicants will need to successfully pass an oral assessment of communication skills which will be given during the Medical Assisting new student orientation.
  5. Students will become part of a cohort (a group of students who take classes together), and will be required to take classwork during the terms listed in the catalog, or if changed, provided during the new student orientation.
  6. Applications will be accepted for Spring 2015 (Willow Creek Center) October 27, 2014 - December 18, 2014. Applications will be accepted for Fall 2015 (Cascade Campus) April 20, 2015 – June 19, 2015.
  7. All prerequisites must be completed or taken concurrently during the term the student is applying, for example completed or taken during fall term 2013 for admission into spring term 2014. You may apply prior to completion of the class as long as you are enrolled during the term applications are due.
  8. Students who receive the most points (see the MA Advising Guide) will be invited to a mandatory New Student Orientation. Students with the same points will be accepted in the order that their completed application was received for admission, so we highly recommend you apply early for the program.
  9. After admission to the program, but before beginning directed practice, students may be required to complete some or all of the following: criminal background check, proof of immunizations, and a ten-panel drug screening. There will be a cost to the student associated with completing this requirement.

Admission Steps

Make sure you follow the steps below to ensure you are ready to apply to the program.

  1. Attend information session or make advising appointment
  2. Apply to PCC
  3. Take placement test or get credit for previous coursework
  4. Submit Transcripts
  5. Complete prerequisite classes
  6. Complete the application
  7. Admission Notification

We are glad you have chosen the Medical Assisting program at Portland Community College – Cascade Campus. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the application process.