Landscape Technology

Landscape Design By Students

Often students in their 2nd year of the Landscape design program may be interested in doing landscape designs for private residences. If you are interested in having a 2nd year landscape design student complete a landscape design for your property, please contact Tamara Williams, our career resources specialist.

Please note that as part of this design project we ask you provide the student a stipend to cover the cost of the course.

Landscape designers (and our students) are limited in the scope of their work by Oregon landscape architect's and Oregon landscape contractor's practice laws. Therefore, our students can only do work that does not require details or specifications for hardscapes (decks, patios, walkways, etc.).  What our students can do is provide you with a full planting plan - showing the locations of hardscapes and plants, a plant list, and advice on amending your soils for your plantings. Our students are very well versed in plant identification, landscape design, maintenance, irrigation, and construction.

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