Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Susanne Christopher
Southeast Campus faculty

Susanne begins her 31st year with PCC as a full-time faculty member.  During that time period, she has been active in curriculum development and revision of several health courses. Susanne's health interests include Women Health, Children's Health, Human Health and the Environment, and Spiritual Health, which was the area of her doctoral dissertation. Susanne enjoys teaching both on-campus and through the distance learning modality.

Susanne has served in various PCC positions over the years: Developer and implementer of PCC's Employee Wellness Program, Heaven Can Wait; Life Science (Biology and Health) Faculty Chair (Sylvania Campus); and Staff and Organizational Development Facilitator (District Office). Currently, Susanne teaches Health courses on the Rock Creek Campus and chairs the Education Advisory Council's Degrees/Certificates standing committee and the district Curriculum Development Funding Committee. For her own personal health, Susanne enjoys walking, gardening, reading, playing with the grandchildren and eating chocolate.

Marshall Meyer
Sylvania Campus faculty

Marshall is beginning his 9th year teaching Health at Portland Community College. Prior to coming to PCC, he spent 20 years working in community and public health. Marshall was a program manager for the American Red Cross and was involved in numerous community-based organizations and health agencies. 

Marshall’s many interests include health politics, social inequality in the health care system, sustainability and the environment, achieving social change and emergency care. In addition to school life, Marshall loves the outdoors, playing with his dog Lilly, coaching soccer, and running around his neighborhood. And he attempts to hit the golf ball as far as he can!

Shari Rochelle
Cascade Campus faculty