Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Complete prerequisite classes and earn points toward admission

The following prerequisite classes are available at Portland Community College. If you believe you have met the core requirements of any of these classes at other colleges, please contact healthca@pcc.edu to have your transcripts "unofficially" evaluated to determine completion of requirements. Your classwork may need to be evaluated by the Department Chair, as well, before you will be advised on whether your previous coursework meets PCC class requirements.

  1. WR 121 – English Composition
  2. MP 111 – Medical Terminology
  3. MTH 65 – Introductory Algebra - 2nd term, or MTH 58 – Math Literacy I
  4. CAS 133 – Basic Computer Skills/MS Office

All prerequisite classes must be passed with a grade 'C' or above. Prerequisite may be in progress when you submit your application but must be complete by the end of the application period.

Students are expected to be comfortable and confident in navigating an online classroom format, such as PCC's Desire to Learn. This often requires more reading on the part of students, as well as comfort with computer technology, so please make sure you have taken at least one online class. MP 111 is often a good online class to see if this is a format that works with your learning and personal style.

Receiving admission points

  • Students will receive admission points for grades in prerequisite classes, two short answer essays, and experience working and volunteering in four different areas. Students who have applied before in the past two years but not been accepted will receive an additional point.
  • For detailed information on the point system used for admission see the advising guide.
  • Students will be ranked in order of points and time of application, so it is to your advantage to get your application in early in case your points put you at the cutoff for admission. 
  • See the Health Information Management Application for more information on the essays and the format used for documenting experience. (see step 6).