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First Major Community College Effort Launches to Help Baby Boomers Prepare for Second, Encore Careers
August 2007, Civic Ventures
Encore Colleges
June 2007, MetLife Foundation / Civic Ventures
Why colleges should welcome the return of the Boomers
February 2008, Chronicle of Higher Education
How green is my valley - and mind
December 2008, Counseling Today
Community Colleges Pilot Innovative Programs for Boomers Interested in Work with Meaning and Social Impact
October 2008, Civic Ventures
Mature and motivated
2009, Lumina Foundation/Focus
Green & Gray
February 2009, The Oregonian
When treatment involves dirty fingernails
April 2010, The Wall Street Journal
Manor garden program offers benefits
June 2010, Mail Tribune
Older adults can make Oregon's work force more competitive
December 2010, Business Journal
Mark Noonan: A Life Tragedy Became His Wakeup Call
September 2012, Huffington Post