Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Fitness and Aging: Gerontology Certificate and Fitness Technology Degree

Course # Course Title Cr Req ‐ FT Req - GRN
GRN181 Exploring the Field of Aging 2   X
GRN282 Gerontology Professional Seminar 1   X
PSY215 Human Development 4   X
SOC223 Sociology of Aging 4   X
SOC230 Introduction to Gerontology 4   X
SOC231 Sociology of Health and Aging 4   X
SOC232 Death and Dying: Culture & Issues 4   X
SOC280B Gerontology Internship Seminar 1   X
FT280A /
Cooperative Education: Internship 4 X *X
FT280B FT Practicum‐Internship 4 X  
CG280C/D PE/FT Cooperative Education 2 X
FT101 Fitness Technology Seminar 2 X  
FT102 Injury Prevention & Management 2 X  
FT103 Nutrition for Fitness Instructors 2 X  
FT104 Fitness Assessment & Programming I 3 X  
FT105 Fitness Assessment & Programming II 3 X  
FT106 Analysis of Movement 3 X  
FT107 Exercise Science I 3 X  
FT131 Structure & Function of the Human Body 4 X  
FT201 Fitness Assessment & Programming III 3 X  
FT202 Fitness and Aging 3 X  
FT203 Fitness Promotion 3 X  
FT204 Exercise Science II 3 X  
FN225 Nutrition 4 X  
HPE295 Health & Fitness for Life 3 X  
PE181A Beginning Weight Training 1 X  
PSY101 Psychology & Human Relations 4 X  
SP111 Public Speaking 4 X  
Professional Activities Classes (choose 3)
PE282A Group Fitness + Co‐requisite: Aerobic class (2) (X)  
PE282B Special Populations (2) (X)  
PE283 Mind/Body + Co‐requisite: Yoga or Tai Chi (2) (X)  
PE287 Aquatics + Co‐requisite : Aquatic class (2) (X)  
Basic Competencies
WR121 English Composition 4 X X
MTH65 Introductory Algebra 2 4 X X
CAS133 Basic Computer Skills/MS Office 4 X X

Gen Ed 16 cr: Soc Sci –met by required classes

Arts & Hum (4)

Science & Math (8)


* FT280A accepted substitute for GRN280A if majority of time worked with older adults.