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Christina Friedle

Christina FriedleChristina Friedle has been teaching Geography & Geographic Information (GIS) classes at Portland Community College since 2007. She has worked on a wide variety of geographically based projects including: Director of a Watershed Education program, Conservation Geographer for a salmon conservation organization, and as an independent GIS contractor in conservation, transportation and planning. Christina received an M.S. in Geography from Portland State University with a focus on Natural Resource Management, Protected Areas, and Central America. Christina has been instrumental in designing and implementing the GIS Certificate Program at PCC.

Steve Lennartz

Steve LennartzSteve Lennartz has been working as a Remote Sensing Analyst for a consulting firm in Portland since 2004, where he performs all matters of Remote Sensing classification on a variety of geospatial efforts mainly focused on natural resources objectives. Mr Lennartz taught as an adjunct instructor of GIS and Aerial Photo Interpretation at Mount Hood Community College since 2007. He has worked in several of the US Forest Service research stations throughout the country. Mr Lennartz completed a bachelors from Rutgers University and masters from the University of New Hampshire, both in Natural Resources and GIS/Remote Sensing, and has fifteen years of experience in those fields. He has been standing executive committee member of the region's Geospatial Organization since 2006. Mr Lennartz is also a certified Mapping Scientist specializing in Remote Sensing.

Jon Gehrig

jon-gehrigJon Kelter Gehrig finished his Master's in Geography from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012. His past work revolves around food, identity, and globalization, in an attempt to make the connection between the consumer and the producer. As part of his Master’s thesis, the Quinoa Project is part of a greater effort to analyze how our patterns of consumption impact producing cultures and the environment in complex and adverse ways. Currently, Jon is a GIS instructor at PCC and works as an environmental consultant for the City of Hood River. He will be beginning his PhD in Urban Studies at Portland State in the Fall.

James Manzione

James ManzioneJames Manzione is a New York native who has focused much of his academic and professional work on GIS Programming and Hydrologic research. Currently employed as a Physical Scientist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, James has contributed to an array of different projects that support local, regional, and national environmental and water resource management initiatives.

Nadia Jones

James ManzioneNadia Jones has been teaching GIS and GPS courses for Portland State University since 2010 and Portland Community College since 2013. She received her GIS Graduate Certificate in 2009 and her M.S. in Geography in 2012 with a focus in remote sensing, fluvial geomorphology, and soils. She has worked on various projects as a geographer and GIS specialist for US Fish & Wildlife, USDA Forest Service, and Oregon DEQ. She is also a member of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. In her off time she races dragon boats.

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