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Geography is the study of the Earth and its peoples, landforms, and features. Human geographers explore and attempt to explain the distribution of cultures, including their languages, religions, ways of life, and interactions with other cultures. Physical geographers explore and attempt to explain the distributions of landforms, vegetation, soils, and climate zones. Both human and physical geographers analyze the relationship between humans and the environment, which includes current topics such as climate change and resource use. In addition, computer cartography and geographic information software currently allow geographers to explore the world in much greater detail.

Academic Certificate & Transferable Credits

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is one of the top emerging industries in the 21st century. It combines cartography, spatial analysis and data management to support research and inform decision making. The Geography Department offers a Less than One Year GIS Certificate that combines GIS theory, technology, and real-world experience. Read more about the GIS Certificate program. See the catalog for information regarding program requirements.

Transferable Credits

Geography courses are lower division collegiate courses that transfer to a four-year college or university. Geography courses may transfer as:

  • elective courses
  • program requirement credits
  • and/or graduation requirements for the receiving institution

Students are encouraged to check with the receiving institution, a PCC academic advisor, and the University Transfer website for the most accurate transfer requirement information.

What's Next?

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