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Faculty Profiles

Tanya R. Littrell, PhD, EP-C - Faculty Department Chair

Tanya Littrell

Growing up as an athlete I always had an interest in fitness, sports, and the human body. I attended the University of Oregon and majored in Physical Education/Exercise and Sport Science and minored in Biology. After graduation, I worked full-time for the YMCA in Portland. I was in charge of personal training, aerobics, gymnastics, kids programs, aquatic exercise, and cardiac rehabilitation. After teaching YMCA certification workshops, I decided I wanted to teach adults about the amazing human body full-time. That desire lead me to Oregon State University, a graduate teaching position, and two graduate degrees in Exercise Physiology. The PCC FT program seems to be the perfect place to end up and I love my job!

I teach Fitness Assessment I, Exercise Science I & II, Fitness and Aging, and Professional Activities Special Populations (Healthy Older Adult Fitness), plus a number of PE classes. I am a physiologist, so many of my classes focus on basic exercise physiology background knowledge and theory that students need to become great fitness instructors, trainers, and/or further their education. I am a native Oregonian with two incredible children and a dog. Most of my time outside of PCC is spent managing our busy lives and home. I like to trail run, mountain bike, hike, snowboard, and just be active and outside as much as possible!

My teaching and fitness mission: To share my passion and knowledge for the amazing human body and the benefits of exercise with my students, and then have them "pay it forward" with their clients, family, and friends.

Teresa Brill, MS

Teresa Brill

Starting at a very young age I have had a passion for health and activities such as gymnastics, dance and sports. After graduation from the University of Oregon (Physical Education major) I worked in the fitness, health and wellness industry as a college instructor and cardiac rehab specialist for six years. Since getting my M.S. degree in Exercise Science, I have been at PCC teaching a wide variety PE and fitness classes. The Fitness Technology program is a great place for me to do what I love.

I teach the Professional Activities: Group Fitness course. Throughout the term students gain the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to become a great group fitness instructor. I love teaching and mentoring our fitness technology students.

I have lived in Oregon and California most of my life. I have 2 fantastic sons who have enriched my life with love, activities, and experiences that are over the top. Baseball was the favorite sport for both of my children and after attending hundreds of games my youngest son was drafted by the Texas Rangers out of high school. Some of my favorite activities include mountain biking, jogging, hiking, water and snow skiing, and dancing. I also love creating beautiful English gardens.

My teaching and fitness mission: To inspire future leaders in the fitness industry!

Michael Boggs, MBA, CSCS

Michael Boggs

Before coming to PCC, I spent 20 years working as a fitness professional for companies such as the YMCA, Providence Health System, Riverplace Athletic Club and Norwegian Cruise Line. I went back to school and earned a Master’s degree and started my own fitness business partnering with a group of medical professionals providing specialized fitness assessments and post-rehabilitation exercise. During this time I found that my fitness knowledge and experiences were also in demand at local colleges. I soon began teaching Fitness and Health courses part-time at Clark College, Concordia University and PCC. When a Full-Time position in the FT Program became available in 2010, I jumped at the chance to join PCC.

I teach a variety of courses within the Fitness Technology program: FT 104 Fitness Assessment and Programming I, FT 201 Fitness Assessment and Programming III, FT 203 Fitness Promotion and two of the Professional Activity courses, Weight Training and Team Sports. I also teach courses that are used as prerequisites for some FT classes: PE 295 Health and Fitness for Life and PE 181 Weight Training.

My life outside of PCC revolves around my family, friends, community and the beautiful Northwest. I live in the South Beaverton area with my wife and two boys and coach youth sports year-round for Southridge Youth Football, Westside YMCA Basketball and Murray Hill Little League baseball. My family and I love to camp, hike, fish and just enjoy traveling and exploring what the Northwest has to offer.

My teaching and fitness mission: To share my knowledge and experiences with others and to be a positive role model for anyone interested in fitness and health. 

Mike Guthrie, MST, EP-C

Mike Guthrie

As a child I loved sports, PE, and movement, however, after high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I received my BA in Business Administration: Marketing from the University of Hawaii in 1985. After not being happy in my work, my wife said, “Mike, go become a coach or a PE teacher!” For the first time, I got excited about my career. I earned a Masters of Science in Teaching (Exercise Science and Sports Studies) from Port-land State University and taught college PE classes. I was the Athletic Director at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center for 6.5 years before landing my “dream job” teaching PE and FT at PCC. I hope to be here at PCC for the remainder of my career!

I teach or have taught the following courses in the Fitness Technology program: FT 101 Seminar, FT 180/280 Internship Prep/Internship, Exercise Science, Professional Activities: Weight Training, Professional Activities: Aquatics, and Fitness Promotion.

Yes, I have a life outside of PCC! I have been married to a wonderful wife for over 30 years. I have two awesome sons, who are both in college. I am very involved in activities at my local church. I still have a love for sports (playing and watching – love my Ducks and Blazers!), fishing, and backpacking. My primary fitness activities revolve around swimming. I train during the school year at the PCC Sylvania pool, and then compete in open water swimming events in the summer months.

My teaching and fitness mission: To provide an educational environment where students will succeed and therefore experience not only positive life change for them, but more importantly, through them, affect positive life change in others around them.

Janeen Hull, MS, CSCS

Janeen Hull

My educational background includes a BS from the University of Alabama in Education with a major in Sports & Fitness Management and an MS from Indiana University in Kinesiology-Applied Sport Science. I’ve worked in non-profits, for-profits, sports national governing bodies, with individual and team sports athletes of all ages, and in almost every time zone in the U.S.! My work has even taken me to parts of Europe and China. I’ve been a cardiac rehab team member, exercise physiologist, fitness assessment technician, group-exercise instructor, strength and conditioning coach, sports director, coach/competition director, marketing/promotions director, consultant, writer, editor, personal trainer and nutritionist. And now, I’m proud to call myself an instructor in higher education and thrilled to be faculty at PCC in both the amazing FT and PE departments!

When I’m not lecturing or trying out new lab activities in Analysis of Movement, Fitness Assessment II, Injury Prevention and Management, or Nutrition for the Fitness Instructor, you can find me leading Indoor Cycling, Lifeguarding, Walking/Jogging or even cracking the whip in Boot Camp!

I love being outdoors and playing in the Pacific Northwest’s liquid sunshine with my fabulous husband and my adorable English bulldog. So, you may see me running the trails or sweating it up next to you in a hot-power-fusion yoga class or cycling around town to find the latest, greatest restaurant in PDX or simply for my next latte fix!

My teaching and fitness mission: Enjoy Life! Helping individuals from all walks of life learn to lead a more active lifestyle, motivating and inspiring more people to discover or even rediscover the joys of physical activity and by emphasizing the positive changes that simple lifestyle adjustments can create.

Glenn Johnson, MA, CFT

Glenn Johnson

I earned my bachelor’s degree from Chico State and my Masters from Long Beach State, both in California. My major was Exercise Physiology and I have been studying nutrition, athletic performance my entire adult life.  I also own an online health improvement business called Live Fit Lean where I teach people how to improve their health and fitness through behavior change, nutrition education, habit patterns, and exercise skills. Most importantly, I show them how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle for life.

I have been teaching weight training and various PE classes at PCC Cascade and am excited be teaching in the Fitness Technology department at the Sylvania campus. Currently I teach FT 131 Structure and Function of the Human Body.

I spend most of my free time with my wife and two children or riding my bicycle. I have raced in ultra-distance events such as 24 hour or 500+ mile races, but I currently do shorter races in Oregon and Washington: road, stage, TT, and CX. I enjoy discovering how the demands of endurance activities affect the body and nutritional requirements. I learned through dozens of books and experimentation on myself. This education has helped in my athletic endeavors, but it has also helped to understand the body and the power of nutrition. What I’ve learned through athletics translates to non-athletic people who simply want to live better.

My teaching and fitness mission: My primary goal in life is to help 1 million people prevent lifestyle illnesses.

Jane Loverin, MST

Jane Loverin

My educational background includes a BA in Physical Education, Health, Recreation & Dance from Pacific Lutheran University and a MS in Teaching Physical Education from Portland State University. My previous work experience includes private club fitness & aquatics, YMCA director and fitness programming, corporate fitness and teaching high school health & physical education and teaching and managing aquatic/fitness facilities. In 2007, I began working at PCC teaching a wide variety of classes such as Aquatic Fitness, Core & Strength Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Circuit Training, Swimming, Swim Conditioning, Boot Camp and more. I love teaching at PCC, the students/faculty are wonderful and I enjoy helping others reach their full potential!

Specifically for the Fitness Technology program I work with students who want to learn to teach aquatic fitness (ProAct Aquatics). I also coordinate a program called Walk with Ease, which is a walking program designed for people with arthritis. I also serve as a representative at the SAC meeting and provide insight and feedback with the programs, equipment and class activities that PCC offers.

I am a volunteer with my children’s sports programs in Lake Oswego (youth football, basketball, swimming, cheer, lacrosse, track and field). I am the volunteer leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop #40187. I am a substitute teacher for Sunday School at Our Saviors Lutheran Church. I enjoy walking, running, swimming, tennis, singing and teaching/participating in fitness classes. I teach Water Exercise (year round) and swimming for Stafford Hills Club (summers). I compete in the Hood to Coast & currently the Portland to Coast Relay event.

My teaching and fitness mission: To help to others meet their set goals and to strive to be healthy and fit (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Moe O'Connor, MS

Moe O'Connor

I have been teaching at PCC since 1990 and have been involved with the Fitness Technology Program since 2002.  My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and Science, and a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration. I have always been interested in Physical Education, fitness and being active. I participated in High School and College intercollegiate sports as well as coaching a variety of sports at the college and high school level: track and field, tennis, volleyball, swimming and diving. I started 7 intercollegiate women’s sports at the University of Portland as the first Women’s Athletic Director.

I am a full-time faculty member in the Fitness Technology Program and the PCC Physical Education Faculty Department Chair. I teach a number of Physical Education classes each term. I enjoy working with faculty and staff to create a positive educational environment for students in the Fitness Technology program and encourage students to pursue their career goals in the fitness field.

I have a family with two daughters and granddaughter. I enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, swimming, and other fitness activities. My husband and I are physically active and make it a priority to exercise every day. We volunteer in our community and enjoy traveling!

My teaching and fitness mission: To be a strong advocate for fitness and promoting the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

Jill Tuleya, MA

Jill Tuleya

I have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English Literature. I have been teaching in higher education since 2008. I went through Yoga teacher training in 2005 and started teaching yoga in 2007. I am transitioning from my role as a Writing and English teacher to being a full-time yoga teacher, trainer and therapist. I am completing 1,000 hour yoga therapy training. My passion for working one-to-one with youth and older adults facing challenging issues such as cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, scoliosis, addiction, anxiety as well as a variety of other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions, is becoming more and more focused through each and every client I come into contact with. I have been at PCC since 2012 teaching Yoga PE classes.

In the Fitness Technology Program, I teach Professional Activities: Mind-Body Disciplines. It is a 2-credit course in which I introduce a number of mind-body disciplines to students through group and independent study. Throughout the course, students gain experience not only in learning about and practicing these disciplines, but also in practice teaching them as well. As the field of mind-body grows and as its benefits become well understood, I feel very strongly that Fitness Technology students must understand at least the basic tenets of mind-body disciplines to better serve their clients.

I am a mother to two teenage daughters and a partner to my husband. I love living in the city of Portland with all of its quirkiness and its spirit of celebrating life through music, the outdoors, bike commutes, farmer’s markets and all things local. I also love to sing and am currently auditioning to be in a community chorus.

My teaching and fitness mission: Reaching out to and supporting the whole person, wherever they are at physically, intellectually, energetically and emotionally.